Rescue Loving To Win Souls

God commands us to love people the way He loves them. We are to love and accept people unconditionally. Jesus loves us just the way we are. One of the best ways to reach lost people is to show we love them and care about them. This earns us the right to be heard. We’re […]

Suicide Risk Factors And Warning Signs

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death of people ages 15-24 and 4th leading cause of children between ages 10-14. The suicide rate among teenagers is on the rise. Many times, teenagers believe suicide is the only way to escape the overwhelming pain they can no longer tolerate in their life. For some it’s […]

How To Share Your Rescue Testimony (Jesus Story)

Your testimony is your personal, unique story about experiences and relationship with Jesus Christ. Everyone has one. It’s your relationship with Jesus. It’s a relationship they were created to have, they don’t have, they can have, but it’s a relationship they must choose. Write your story out. Edit it down to 3-5 minutes. Rehearse telling […]

How To Become Neighbor Of The Year

HOW TO WIN “NEIGHBOR OF THE YEAR” AWARD (by Joseph Aldrich, modified by Nick Costello) MAKE THESE QUALITIES PART OF YOUR LIFE AND YOUR NON-CHRISTIAN NEIGHBORS WILL NOTICE! Be warm, friendly, open, accepting, have a joyful spirit. Don’t be critical or judgmental. Don’t be a hypocrite. Have firm convictions. Know what you believe. Invite them […]

Conversation Starters For Sharing Your faith

The following conversation starters will help you determine if an unbeliever is open to hearing about the Gospel. It’s okay if you have a little fear. The more you share your faith, you will find out what works best for you. You’ll become more bold and confident. Trust God to use you. He’s always with […]

A Christian Teenagers Kissing The Devil’s Feet?

 It was a hot summer afternoon on the plain of Dura in the province of Babylon. The ungodly King Nebuchadnezzar is hosting a massive celebration honoring all he has accomplished. He summons all provincial officials and people from every nation to assemble before his ninety foot gold statue. The herald shouts, “This is what you […]

One Hour Challenge

Each of us has 24 hours a day at our disposal.  Spending 60 minutes per week is called a Sacred Hour because it is spent obeying Jesus by doing the work of evangelism as His ambassador. One hour per week is less than ten minutes per day working on The Great Commission.  Will you obey […]

The Myths About Suicide

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among ages 15-24. There are many myths about suicide. Eight common ones are listed below. 1.  Suicide happens without any warning signs. Not true . There are always some warning signs. 2.   If you ask someone if they’re thinking of committing suicide you are planting the thought […]