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How To Share Your Rescue Testimony (Jesus Story)

Your testimony is your personal, unique story about experiences and relationship with Jesus Christ. Everyone has one. It’s your relationship with Jesus. It’s a relationship they were created to have, they don’t have, they can have, but it’s a relationship they must choose. Write your story out. Edit it down to 3-5 minutes. Rehearse telling […]

How To Become Neighbor Of The Year

HOW TO WIN “NEIGHBOR OF THE YEAR” AWARD (by Joseph Aldrich, modified by Nick Costello) MAKE THESE QUALITIES PART OF YOUR LIFE AND YOUR NON-CHRISTIAN NEIGHBORS WILL NOTICE! Be warm, friendly, open, accepting, have a joyful spirit. Don’t be critical or judgmental. Don’t be a hypocrite. Have firm convictions. Know what you believe. Invite them […]

Conversation Starters For Sharing Your faith

The following conversation starters will help you determine if an unbeliever is open to hearing about the Gospel. It’s okay if you have a little fear. The more you share your faith, you will find out what works best for you. You’ll become more bold and confident. Trust God to use you. He’s always with […]