Nick Costello has experienced the glamorous rock and roll life millions of teens only dream about. Success didn’t fulfill his search for inner peace, security and purpose in life. His bad attitude and fast lane lifestyle of sex, drugs, rock and roll nearly destroyed him. One night, Nick surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. God miraculously rescued him from eventual destruction and then began a lifelong process of transforming his life.

Today, he ministers as an evangelist, youth communicator, school assembly speaker seminar and conference speaker. He’s calling Christians of all ages to an uncompromising walk of obedience to Christ, to become so transformed on the inside, Christ naturally manifests his life out into the world through them.  They become His love on two legs, doing what Jesus commanded His followers to do in the everyday world they live in. In public schools, he’s equipping kids to make healthy, right life choices. Respected leaders say he’s a “dynamic, relevant, passionate, challenging, inspiring communicator!”

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