Soul Rescuer's Field Guide

In your everyday world, people are drowning in the storm waves of life, facing a Christ-less eternity. Someone must shout “Danger!” Someone must point them to Jesus. Jesus said that someone is…. YOU!

You are called to co-labor with God in the greatest rescue mission in history. You are called by God to go into the world around you, tell people about the greatest, forever, personal love relationship anyone can ever have, with the greatest person who ever lived… Jesus Christ. You are called to a ministry of greatness in rescuing lost souls.

Are you ready? Are you trained and equipped? Too many never go, because they are not confident or convinced in what they believe. They don’t have the tools they need and know how to effectively share the Good News. It’s not as difficult as many would think.

This book will give you everything you need to GO and fulfill the ministry Jesus called all His true followers to. It’s easy to learn, to understand and put into practice in simple, practical ways, in your everyday life. Everything in this book, Nick has experienced and practiced firsthand in over 25 years of evangelistic ministry. He knows… it will work for you!

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