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Can suicide be stopped?
There are no guarantees. However, when risk factors, warning signs and suicidal intentions are detected early enough, there’s an 80-90% chance a suicide can be stopped.

Suicide is at epidemic proportions.
Suicide can occur when the stresses people feel exceed their ability to cope with ongoing, relentless, intolerable stress and pain. Their life seems dark and hopeless, despair sets in and the next step in the progression is they no longer see a reason to live. A person becomes deceptively convinced that death is their only way of escape, to take control of their life, shut off the pain and quiet forever the voices screaming at them in order to find permanent peace. We’re all responsible to do what we can, when we can, to reduce the risk of someone taking their own life. In reading this book, you can become trained to identify individuals at risk and become more alert to those around you who are showing signs of depression, over whelming anxiety, isolating themselves or exhibiting suicidal thoughts or tendencies.

You can help save a life!
In this book people of all ages will gain a greater understanding of suicide. You’ll learn:

  • Facts, figures, truths about suicide
  • Myths about suicide
  • Factors contributing to suicide
  • Groups at high risk of committing suicide
  • Warning signs someone is suicidal
  • How to intervene
  • What to say and do – what not to say and do
  • Understanding grief and grieving
  • How to help suicide survivors … and more


“I highly recommend his seminar to any church, school, civic group and anyone else looking to stem the tide of this sad trend.”
Pastor Matthew Sassano, Jr. Fresh Start Church, Hornell, NY

“I recommend his seminar to anyone and everyone who work with people on any level.”
David Nuzzolo, Executive Assistant, Metro & U.S. Missions, Assemblies of God, NYC