One Hour Challenge

Each of us has 24 hours a day at our disposal.  Spending 60 minutes per week is called a Sacred Hour because it is spent obeying Jesus by doing the work of evangelism as His ambassador. One hour per week is less than ten minutes per day working on The Great Commission.  Will you obey Jesus’ final marching orders to his followers and give sixty minutes per week to Gospel work?  The following suggestions will help you:

1.  Pray for at least one person you know who is an unbeliever every day.

2.  Make contact with an unbeliever in some way.  You can make a phone call, write a letter, send a card or e mail.  Tell them you’re praying for them, some encouraging from the scripture, etc. etc.

3.  Sow some Gospel seed. Leave a tract somewhere. Give someone a Christian CD, DVD, Bible, Gospel of John, book or some other form of an evangelistic tool.

4.  Tell someone your testimony. You can also write it in a letter or e mail. Use your story to share with someone struggling, facing a difficulty or struggling with some sin, how God helped you.

5.  Work together with someone to sow seed. Take an unbeliever to a Christian event, take them to church, attend a movie, invite them to dinner or just spend time together with them.  Do something they will enjoy or is of interest to them.  It doesn’t have to be a Christian orientated activity.  Bless them by paying the bill.

6.  Meet someone’s need and show them you care. Meeting a heart felt need opens up doors to share the Gospel.

7.  Serve someone.  Do a job no one else will do.  Sacrifice your time for another.

8.  Train, equip, mentor a new believer.  You can do this over coffee or on the telephone.  Keep it simple and stick to one topic.

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