Chapter 1: The issues

Describes God’s plan for Christian teenagers, to live a life of uncompromised obedience to Him, be His witness to lost world, walk in holiness and godliness, be like Christ and live a life all about Jesus . I describe what the God calls evil and wicked.

Excerpt: Do you find pleasure in the things God says aren’t right for a Christian, things God calls evil or sin? Where are you in your relationship with Jesus Christ today? Does God have your music? Your listening habits are on trial. The questions asked by God of you in this trial: Does the music you listen to please God? Do your music listening habits bring honor and glory to God? Regarding this area of your life, does God have all your heart? Does God have all your worship?

Chapter 2: Three Champions For God

This book is written around Daniel Chapter 3 and the story of Shadrach. Meschach and Abednego, King Nebuchadnezzar and the blazing furnace. My goal is to show reader these 3 young believers were champions for God. They chose to live a life of worship to God, even at the expense of death. Their lives provide excellent life-living principles for a Christian to follow.

Chapter 3: Why Does Music Exist?

I reveal what the Bible says about music, where it came from, how some of it became corrupted, and what both God and Satan think of the music kids listen to. Readers will discover Satan and his demonic spirits are behind all the world’s evil, including music that God calls evil, wicked and ungodly.

Chapter 4: Is Music Evil?

I point out not all music is evil. I show readers it’s the spirit behind the music that can make it evil or godly. I describe both God’s music and Satan’s music so the readers can understand the difference. The reader will be challenged based on scripture, to evaluate their music to see if it’s representative of Satan’s kingdom or God’s Kingdom.

Excerpt: How do you know what God calls evil? It’s in your Bible. Everything God wants you to know about life and your relationship with Him is revealed in God’s book, the Bible. It’s your manual for living life and your guide to knowing God. If you never crack its pages and read it, you’ll never know God and the ways He desires you to live your life as one of His children.

Chapter 5: Eating Right

This chapter is reminds kids God cares about what they allow into their bodies, including their heart and mind. We study Galatians 6:7,8. A person reaps what they sow. Whatever they choose to put into themselves will determine the fruit of their life. Garbage in means garbage out.

Chapter 6: I Won’t Do It!

This chapter is all about peer pressure. I prove Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego didn’t give into peer pressure, even in the face of certain death. I challenge kids in areas of their life maybe they face peer pressure, like doing drugs, having sex before marriage, cheating and more. I help them learn how to say NO to peer pressure.

Excerpt: When you give into peer pressure you give someone else power over your life. You become like a marionette or puppet on a string. They pull the strings of your life, controlling what you do. You give tem permission to control your thinking, decision making and behavior. Ultimately, they can run your life and you stop thinking for yourself. Do you want someone to control you? Do you want to be someone else’s puppet on a string and allow them to lead you in the wrong direction? That’s not what a good friend is all about.

Chapter 7: Why Obey God?

Help readers recognize and understand, our motivation for obeying God is out of love for Him. They should obey because they love Him and want to, not because they have to. I remind them God calls it SIN when we disobey, including listening to music God hates.

Excerpt: What is your love relationship like with the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you love Jesus so much that you don’t want to do anything that displeases Him or grieves His heart? Do you honor the Lord because you have to, like a robot follows a verbal command, or because you love Him? Where are your affections? Has something or someone in your life other than God captured your heart and affections more than God has? It could be an actor, rock star, rap artist or some other musician. It can be ungodly music and entertainments full of the wickedness God hates!

Chapter 8: Taking The Heat

This chapter focuses on Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego being thrown into the blazing furnace, then being rescued by the Lord. I remind kids that God is with them in whatever blazing furnace or storm they face in life, especially when they take a stand for God. I want kids to understand the importance of their Christian witness and obeying the Lord at all cost. They can trust Him that He is with them always and never deserts them.

Chapter 9: Championship Worship

I teach what the meaning of worship is using 2 Greek words, ‘segad’ and proskuneo’. This explains the book’s title. It’s a brief study of worship from both God and Satan’s perspective.

Excerpt: When you say, “I worship you Jesus,” you’re saying you’re in awe of Him for who he is. You adore and acknowledge Him as your all in all. Your life should center around giving honor and glory to God in all you do. God wants all your worship. Satan has always wanted to be worshipped. I believe too many Christians are bringing great satisfaction to Satan’s hunger to be worshipped. Are you one of them? Did you ever ponder what Satan thinks when he hears another Christian has their heart and mind focused on what he offers. Whenever you listen to music representative of the devil’s kingdom, Satan knows he has your attention. He sees you’re spending time with him through your ungodly music and not honoring God. He stands as tall as King Nebuchadnezzar’s statue as you bow your heart down before what he offers. For his viewpoint, it’s an act of worship to him. Instead of God receiving the glory and honor, the devil is receiving the glory and honor only God rightly deserves from you.

Chapter 10: The Challenge

I tell about my battle with God over my ungodly music listening habits, what God spoke to me and then my act of obedience to destroy it all, including my gold and platinum record awards received from the band Toronto selling so many records. They are encouraged to pray a prayer I provide at the end of the chapter to surrender their ungodly music to God, confess to God they’ve disobeyed Him in this area of their life, rededicate their heart and life to Jesus .

Chapter 11: Now What Should You Do?

I challenge kids to now take a bold and courageous step and trash everything ungodly they own. I teach them how to be an uncompromising follower and champion worshipper of Jesus, live like Christ before others and how God wants them to live as one of His children.

Excerpt: Now you need to become more heavenly-minded. With the help of the Holy Spirit of God, you can begin a fresh walk of pursuing holiness and godliness. Get your mind into the truth of God’s Word. Get you mind on Jesus. You should be a walking display of the Gospel on two legs. People should see the Word of God lived out through you.

Chapter 12: God Longs For You!

This is a chapter where I clearly explain the Gospel to the reader and how much God longs to have a personal forever love relationship with His creation. I explain what that relationship is like and how they can have one. I give the reader an opportunity to pray and receive Christ or rededicate their lives to Him.