The Myths About Suicide

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among ages 15-24. There are many myths about suicide. Eight common ones are listed below.

1.  Suicide happens without any warning signs. Not true . There are always some warning signs.

2.   If you ask someone if they’re thinking of committing suicide you are planting the thought in their head. Not true. Asking people if they are thinking about suicide does not give them the idea for suicide. And it is important to talk about suicide with people who are suicidal because you will learn more about their mindset and intentions, and allow them to diffuse some of the tension that is causing their suicidal feelings.

3.   Once someone is suicidal they’re always suicidal. Not true. Much help is available. Early detection is key.  A person can be delivered from suicidal thoughts and tendencies. One suicide attempt doesn’t mean another will follow. Most people are suicidal for a limited period of time. However, suicidal feelings can recur.

4.   “You have to be out of your mind to commit suicide.” Not true. A person can be coherent and seem okay or stable and  still be  going through a mental breakdown that causes the to see death as a comfort to others and themselves. Outwardly all seems okay, but inwardly they’re desperately miserable. They may have been planning their suicide for weeks or months.

5.   Most people who die by a suicide leave a note. Not true. Three quarters don’t leave a note. This makes it more difficult for hose who are surviving victims of a suicide to find answers.

6.   If someone wants to commit suicide you can’t stop them. Not true. Suicide can be prevented. Often times wishing to die co-exists with wishing to live. Deep down people want to live and live pain-free. Sadly, some never get help or have someone come along to rescue them.

7.   Suicide is just a cry for help. Not true. People who die by suicide usually talk about it first. They are in pain and oftentimes reach out for help because they do not know what to do and have lost hope.  Always take talk about suicide seriously.

8.   People who are suicidal definitely want to die. Not true. The vast majority of people who are suicidal do not want to die. They are in pain, and they want to stop the pain.

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